Jellyroll Fats & The Zulu Kings

"Jellyroll Fats and the Zulu Kings absolutely killed it. We were so happy to have them at our wedding and were blown away not just by the music, but also by how much all of our friends and family enjoyed them."

“Jellyroll Fats and The Zulu Kings know how to bring a dance party New Orleans style to my Cajun restaurant! That's why they've been my go-to band for Mardi Gras, Halloween, weddings and other events for the past 5 years. Once they start playing, it's only a matter of time before the party is transported to the Big Easy and everyone's got their napkins out dancing second line, including me!”

“We highly recommend Jellyroll Fats and the Zulu Kings! They made our wedding night truly unique and special and we can not thank them enough for their dedication, talent and enthusiasm throughout the entire experience.”

“Everyone at our wedding, young and old, were up on the dance floor. In fact, we had to drag everyone off the dance floor at the end of the night!”

“I have been working here for 15 years and never heard a wedding band like that!”


Bringin' the Bayou to the Borough!

Born in NYC out of a love for the New Orleans musical tradition, Jellyroll Fats and The Zulu Kings brings the spirit of the Crescent City to the Big Apple, mixing up their sets with New Orleans classics, funk, soul, R&B, second line horns, swamp boogie, Mardi Gras music, and plenty of Creole flavor.

A deep pot of sauteed drums, piano, bass, and guitar jambalaya, stirred together with spicy percussion andouille sausage, topped with an original three piece horn section hot sauce, and served on sizzling dancing floors along side pitchers of hurricanes.

And the Zulu Kings know how to work a crowd. Whether you are throwing a Mardi Gras themed party or need an experienced party band to spice up your next event, look no further. The Zulu Kings are party veterans.


  • Fats Wallace - drums
  • Big Lil' Hurricane Miltonface - guitar
  • Uptown "Chicken" Ortiz - bass
  • Screamin' Jay Hoffman - trumpet
  • Frankie Dominoes - baritone/alto sax
  • Youngblood Judd - keyboards
  • Professor Long Jon - keyboards
  • Jellyroll Brundrett - percussion
  • Illy Calhoun - tenor sax
  • Professor Desmar "Che" Guevara - keyboards
  • Daddy Snugs - keyboards

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  • Photos by Erik Pendzich - AKA Flash Gumbo

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